Every educator will wonder how to approach the contents of their subject in the classroom. Many times the teacher is an excellent exhibitor and that is why the presentation is facilitated by giving pleasant talks, where the students will easily catch the exposed messages. However, that quality is not enough, monologue eventually bores and rote memorization, so other strategies must be used to interest the student. For this reason, the presentations should be nuanced with questions related to the topic and, thus, start a dialogue where all the students should participate. Of course, the topics should be distributed in advance so that the student is not ignorant of the aspects that are being discussed, such as we express in the previous writing. All this gives a dynamic methodology to teaching. That would be a formula to encourage the student’s mind. We must also be clear that the student, before computers (which are needed), should be given a bibliography, because he must first know how to handle the Book.
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